BluePearl Pet Hospital, MA

Description of Elective Experience: 

The student will spend one week in the Emergency Critical Care Department and a second week in the Surgery Department. She will be able to work with board certified criticalist and surgeons in each department. They will have one on one case experience in both services. They will also be exposed to internal medicine, ophthalmology and radiology, with specialist in each department mentioned.

Institutional and Educational Resources - staffing, equipment, etc.: 

none available through BluePearl for the Student, only through their institution

Student Responsibilities - what is expected of students in terms of hours, days of the week, shadowing or actual support?: 

The student will have set hours in each department and if they do a 12 hour shift they will work 4 days a week, but otherwise may be expected to be present 5 days/ week. They will attend rounds at 7 AM. They will be doing more than shadowing and will be expected to take vital parameters and assessments. They may be asked to place catheters and restraint of reasonable patients.

Dr. DePaula for the first week and Dr. Nieves for the second week
180 Bear Hill Road
Waltham, MA 02451
United States
Practice or Institution Type: 
Is student housing available?: 
Hours of supervision by a licensed veterinarian per week: