Care Center, OH

Description of Elective Experience: 

Care Center is a 24/7 AAHA accredited Emergency and Referral Animal Hospital.  We not only offer state of the art 24 hour emergency care, but also a multitude of other specialties.  Some of these include Surgery, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Diagnostic Imaging, and Radiation Oncology.

Student Responsibilities - what is expected of students in terms of hours, days of the week, shadowing or actual support?: 

Students should always come prepared with stethoscope and calculator. 
Suggested but not required equipment includes pen light, hemostats, and bandage scissors.

Prior to meeting with a clinician to present any case that you have been asked to exam, complete the following:
•    accurate and thorough physical examination
•    develop a list of problems and differential
•    develop a tiered diagnostic and therapeutic plan, recognizing that client constraints may
not always allow us to perform all desired diagnostics or provide the ideal level of care
•    Students that have not prepared the above information to effectively discuss the case with the clinician may be directed to correct the deficient content area and re-present the case to the clinician.
•    triage and assessment of life threatening injury
•    stabilization and emergent management of acutely ill patients
•    interpretation of point-of-care

During the clinical decision-making phase of the teaching process we expect that you will develop competency to:
•    perform and evaluate radiographs
•    evaluate diagnostic laboratory results
•    assess the need for and be competent to perform routine emergency procedures

Additional Expectations
•    attend all rounds as dictated by the rounds and rotation schedule
•    complete all medical records accurately and completely
•    communicate in a timely and effective manner with all clients
•    ask one of the team members to clarify any uncertainty you may have about the proper use of any piece of equipment, about how to perform a patient treatment or diagnostic  procedure, or about any aspect of this rotation
•    complete any/all assignments on time
•    play an active role in your educational experience while on this rotation

Darsha Arnold, DVM
6995 East Kemper Road
Cincinnati, OH 45249
United States
Practice or Institution Type: 
Is student housing available?: 
Hours of supervision by a licensed veterinarian per week: 
We are a 24 hour/7 day a week hospital with Doctors on staff all hours.