Christian Veterinary Mission, WA

Description of Elective Experience: 

A team of 15 veterinarians, veterinary students and lay helpers will participate in an annual animal health clinic on the Navajo Reservation in central AZ.
Students will be exposed to and participate in both surgery and outpatient services for  large and small animals under the supervision and mentorship of experienced, clinically oriented veterinarians with a ratio of 1 to 1. Specific activities will include spay/neuter, basic medicine and vaccinations procedures, sheep and cattle herd health as well as equine dental, surgical and disease prevention activities.

The operations will be conducted on the Navajo Nation Reservation at Hardrock, AZ. Hardrock is a economically challenged and significantly underserved area from a veterinary perspective with a unique Native American culture.

In addition to medical, surgical and herd health opportunities partipants will be exposed to local husbandry techniques and become familiar with the area's flora and fauna. All students will be encouraged to interact with clients with an emphasis on understanding and addressing their expectations within the cultural norms of the community and with a goal of imparting sustainable animal health solutions.



Institutional and Educational Resources - staffing, equipment, etc.: 

The mission will be fully equipped for both large and small animal activities. Appropriate sedative and induction agents along with inhalant anesthesia for small animals, sterilization equipment, PPE and pain meds will be employed in conjunction with standard veterinary medical care. Participation by students will be based on their knowledge and skill sets and will be monitored and evaluated with their safety and that of the patients in mind. 

Student Responsibilities - what is expected of students in terms of hours, days of the week, shadowing or actual support?: 

Clinical activities will begin at 8:00 AM and end at approximately 4:00 PM daily July 12 -16th, 2021. In addition to the aforementioned clinical activities students will be expected to assist in reception and discharge of patients as well as helping to maintain order and cleanliness of work areas. Stocking of supplies, cleaning and autoclaving of surgical packs will be part of their responsibilities. Students will receive orientation concerning any  zoonotic or environmental risks peculiar to the area as well as reminders of the inherent risks of handling unfamiliar animals. Students will be required to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner both in action and dress at all times. 

Student Housing (include costs, amenities, pet friendly, contact info if different from elective contact info): 

Housing will be dormitory style. PPE, temperature screening and social distancing will be observed and all participants are required to provide proof of vaccination against COVID 19 at least two weeks prior to travel to the site. Meals will be prepared onsite by lay team members who have food safety certification. Room and board as well as equipment and supplies are covered by the trip fees. Travel to and from the site is the responsibility of the participants. 

Joseph W Wright, DVM
Contact email: 
19303 Fremont Ave N
Seattle, WA 98133
United States
Animal Type: 
Is student housing available?: 
Hours of supervision by a licensed veterinarian per week: 
30-40 hrs