Jefferson Animal Hospital and Regional Emergency Center, KY

Description of Elective Experience: 

We are a 24 hour, AAHA hospital (for 40 years) of exceptional client based veterinary care for both emergencies and wellness.  We have always striven to be the best client and community centered practice and provide mentoring for a very high case load of complicated and challenging medicine and surgery cases. We have 14 doctors for 2 locations who work 1-3 shifts per week.  Our second location in Fern Creek is highly skilled in low stress pet care.   Both hospital provide wellness care (Vaccine, spay/neuter, dentistry) so we have long term clients who love us and we get regular doses of puppy breath.  New graduates who join our practice receive exceptional mentoring and are never alone with cases so we routinely view each others radiographs, lab resuls and work as a team for the best patient outcome.

Institutional and Educational Resources - staffing, equipment, etc.: 

We have been working for our community 24 hours for the past 40 years and we have 1-4 doctors on premises at all times and technicians/receptionists sufficient to work as a team.    We use Cornerstone  PMR Medical records,  digital radiology, including dental, complete on site lab and reference lab. We have large Snyder oxygen cages, endoscopy both flexible and rigid.  We require continuing education for all our staff and have an excellent, positive staff culture which is extremely important to all of us.   Currently we have 8,000 sq ft of space and are building a larger facility that will duble our working space, to be completed by spring 2022.  

Student Responsibilities - what is expected of students in terms of hours, days of the week, shadowing or actual support?: 

We are very experienced working with veterinary students and start off with OSHA training, then shadowing each of our doctors to acquire the best experience in Internal medicine diagnostics and surgery.  We have two OSU veterinary graduates and others from Auburn, Purdue, Colorado, Illinois, LSU, Penn.   This gives us a very wide range of expert opinions from all over veterinary medicine.   Students can pick their own hours but we are busiest evenings and weekends since that is prime time for emergencies of all types.  We perform a lot of exploratories for GI FB's, C-sections, spleenectomies, GDV's and of course, lacerations, bite wounds, often very severe.  Louisville has excellent boarded surgeons that we can refer very difficult cases

Student Housing (include costs, amenities, pet friendly, contact info if different from elective contact info): 

We offer a two bedroom house very close to both practices. We have a very low $450 per month rest which covers internet, water, electric, garbage, etc.  We do not  have a fenced in yard so cannot allow pets to be brought to the housing.


Patricia Kennedy Arrington, Auburn 1971
Contact email: 
4504 Outer Loop
Louisville, KY 40219
United States
Practice or Institution Type: 
Is student housing available?: 
Hours of supervision by a licensed veterinarian per week: 
We are open 24 hours, 7 days so students are always supervised.