Loomis Basin Equine Hospital, CA

Description of Elective Experience: 

We offer dynamic and diverse career opportunities in a variety of disciplines, along with a unique learning experience which may align with your career goals and path. Our culture is education-first, where cross training in multiple aspects of the organization is encouraged. The objective is to provide career experiences that are engaging, educational, and team focused.

We are one team at LBEMC and we recognize each role as critical to our overall success.

We truly enjoy having students visit our clinic and each one brings a unique and fresh perspective to our team.

Our externships provide an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with equine medicine in a private practice setting.

Given our wide range of services, students gain valuable experience in many areas of equine medicine; which is what makes our externship opportunities unique and highly respected.

Each day brings dynamic new education opportunities as externs are encouraged to assist in reviewing hospital cases and participate in morning rounds.

The objective is for our students to take an active role in their own education by contributing their insights and pursuing knowledge and experience in all areas of equine medicine.

LBEMC has a significant emergency caseload (after hours) and we encourage our students to participate (voluntarily.) These cases can be exceptional opportunities to learn and assist where/when appropriate.

Our training includes hands-on, job shadowing, listening, and observation; which can be effective as these experiences are highly impactful for the knowledge retention process.

For a well-rounded experience, we try to divide students’ time between surgical cases, in-house medical cases, and ambulatory appointments. In addition, the externship can be geared towards specific areas of interest within our equine medical disciplines.

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Dr. Sarah Mercer-Bower
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2973 Penryn Rd
Penryn, CA 956663
United States
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