Swine Vet Center, MN

Description of Elective Experience: 

Swine Vet Center is a swine-exclusive veterinary practice based in southern Minnesota. Our clinic has 17 veterinarians on staff who consult with swine producers throughout the U.S. and abroad. All veterinarians are AASV members. During the externship, Kaci will be scheduled to shadow veterinarians to encounter a variety of swine operations and learn about health and production strategies.

Institutional and Educational Resources - staffing, equipment, etc.: 

17 staff veterinarian consultants, office support staff, and onsite laboratory. 

Student Responsibilities - what is expected of students in terms of hours, days of the week, shadowing or actual support?: 

The student will be expected to shadow veterinarians per the schedule dictated by the veterinarian point of contact. This will include scheduling Mon-Friday. Hours may vary, but on average will start between 6-7 am and conclude 3-5 pm. 

Student Housing (include costs, amenities, pet friendly, contact info if different from elective contact info): 

Student housing is provided on site: kitchenette, full bathroom, laundry facilities. No pets. 

Erin Kettelkamp
1608 S Minnesota Ave
St. Peter, MN 56082
United States
Practice or Institution Type: 
Is student housing available?: 
Hours of supervision by a licensed veterinarian per week: