Wildlife Safari, OR

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Wildlife Safari is an AZA accredited institution with over 500 animals, situated on over 600 acres. The park is located 10 minutes off of I-5 in south-central Oregon, just 1.5 hours from Eugene. The park consists of three major drive-thru sections, where the hoof stock are in a mixed species free range setting, along with four additional areas of non-free range animals (Lions, Brown Bears, Black Bears, Cheetahs/tigers). Wildlife Safari’s large walk through section includes over 100 small animals (mammals, birds, reptiles and a petting zoo). Wildlife Safari is known for having the most successful cheetah breeding program in the United States. The park currently has 16 cheetahs spread between a large, off exhibit breeding area and the drive-thru area. The hospital is staffed by one full time veterinarian and one veterinary assistant. The extern will observe and assist procedure preparation, catheter placement, blood collection, physical examinations, anesthesia monitoring, case analysis/diagnosis/treatment, etc.

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Housing available for a fee ($200/month + $75 refundable deposit)

Benji Alcantar
1790 Safari Rd
Winston, OR 97496
United States
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