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Description of Elective Experience:

In this rotation student will shadow doctors, practice technical skills, and have experiences on how and what it takes to be a doctor.

Description of Elective Experience:

Worthington Woods Animal Care Center is a 4 doctor small animal hospital that sees primarily dogs and cats and the occasional pocket pet or rabbit.

We see wellness and illness appointments as well as surgeries( spays, neuters, stomach tacks, tumor removals, GI fb's, bladder stones, amputations, enucleations, COHATs with extractions and dental radiology). We will hospitalize stable patients overnight but if critical will refer. We will see emergencies during our hours of operation (8am-6pm).

We work closely with local specialists that come to our hospital to perform surgeries and do ultrasounds. We also refer to MedVet and OSU for the more complicated cases.

We have an in house lab to run bloodwork and a microscope for  reading skin / fna cytology and reading urinary sediment. We have digital radiology as well as dental radiology and a high speed drill for extractions.  We have a companion animal cold laser. All surgeries are monitored by a veterinary nurse as well as a monitoring system.  We have a doppler for BP's and an Tonovet for ocular pressures.

The student will be involved with seeing a full daily schedule of appointments throughout the week as well as one day devoted to surgery/dental procedures.

The student will be able to interact with and observe other doctors in the practice if she would like to learn other perspectives and treatment ideas or observe their surgeries.

The student and I will work as a team to communicate with owners, examine patients in exam rooms ( or see drop off appointments), create differential diagnosis lists, order testing, create treatment plans ( and options for owners) , provide treatment to patients, and follow up on the patients.

Description of Elective Experience:

Our privately owned multi-doctor small animal General Practice primarily treats canine and feline patients.  The veterinary student will be working alongside a veterinarian and learning how to communicate with the clients, diagnose cases, provide the proper treatment plan options, as well as, assisting in x-rays and interpreting x-rays, using a therapeutic laser, using an ultrasound, taking dental x-rays and interpreting those.  The student will also be discussing cases with the doctors.  The student will not be allowed to perform surgeries; however, the student will be allowed to scrub in and assist if the student's skills allow.  

Veterinary externs will also be involved in labwork and the interpretation of lab results and how these results may determine the treatment plan for the patient, vaccines, blood draws, nutrition, etc.

Description of Elective Experience:

The goal of the COSI Living Collection veterinary student externship is to introduce 4th year vet students via a clinical rotation, to the non-profit wildlife veterinary medicine and provide hands-on understanding of the types of tasks and activities associated with a wildlife collection, including: 

  • Behavior assessment 
  • Handling 
  • Routine veterinary rounds 
  • Assessment and diagnostics 
  • Husbandry for a variety of wildlife species 

Students will be supervised by the Sr. Manager of Living Collections and will be able to consult with Dr. Mark Flint, current One Welfare resident, and current Zoo & Wildlife Conservation Medicine & Ecosystem Health resident. 

Placements align with semesters. 

Description of Elective Experience:

- Objective:
o The externship at SoCal Pet Hospital aims to provide senior
veterinary students with practical, hands-on clinical experience
in a fast-paced and diverse veterinary practice. This elective is
designed to refine the student’s clinical skills, enhance their
diagnostic abilities, and provide insight into veterinary practice

- Activities and Learning Opportunities:
o Clinical Rotations: Engage in rotations across various
departments including internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, and
emergency care.
o Patient Care: Participate in the diagnosis, treatment, and
management of a variety of cases, supervised by experienced
o Surgical Experience: Observe and assist in a range of surgical
procedures from routine spays and neuters to more complex
o Diagnostics: Gain practical experience with diagnostic tools
such as radiology, ultrasound, and in-house laboratory
o Client Communication: Develop skills in client interactions,
including discussing treatment plans and providing education
on pet care.
o Practice Management: Learn about the administrative side of
veterinary practice, including inventory control, staff
coordination, and client relations.

- Expected Outcomes:

- By the end of the externship, students will:
o Demonstrate improved clinical and surgical skills.
o Enhance their diagnostic and treatment planning abilities.
o Understand the importance of effective client communication.
o Gain a comprehensive understanding of the operational
aspects of a veterinary practice.

Description of Elective Experience:

Students can expect to receive supervised hands-on HQHVSN experience and techniques as well as evaluation and treatment of common conditions in a shelter environment.

Description of Elective Experience:

Externs experience the typical caseload of a small animal practice. Under the supervision of the mentor doctor, you will gather histories, perform physical examinations, develop diagnostic and therapeutic plans, scrub in to surgery, assist in the management of medical cases, provide wellness care, develop your client communication skills, polish your technical skills, and produce appropriate medical records (SOAPs) within the time limits of daily practice. 

Description of Elective Experience:

We are Veterinary Emergency Group, an organization founded on a single mission: helping people and their pets when they need it most. VEG's rapidly growing group of hospitals has revolutionized pet emergency and urgent care with a client-centered approach, rapid response times, and a highly focused-emergency-only staff. With multiple locations, we offer the flexibility, mentorship, and diverse learning experience you want. Our industry-leading compensation, unlimited CE, and growth opportunities are just part of what makes VEG the place for emergency doctors to work.

VEG's Externship Program allows students to gain hands-on experience in emergency medicine while working right alongside our skilled emergency doctors. Students will focus on learning how to effectively communicate with clients, diagnose a variety of emergency conditions, develop emergency treatment plans and collaborate with support staff in a fast-paced environment.

Description of Elective Experience:

Animal Clinic of Monett (ACM) Veterinary Student Externship opportunities are designed for third and fourth-year veterinary students seeking additional training and experience at a busy mixed practice veterinary clinic. Since externships and observation hours are requirements of most academic programs, undergraduate pre-vet students and first and second-year veterinary students are also welcome to apply. Due to time and space constraints, precedence is given to third and fourth-year veterinary students.

We offer a supportive environment with state-of-the-art technology and hands-on opportunities. Students who participate in ACM’s Externship program should be motivated, eager to learn, organized, punctual and have a strong work ethic. Applicants must be ready to immerse themselves in the day-to-day operation of a busy mixed practice veterinary clinic.

Description of Elective Experience:

General Small Animal practice with emphasis on.  quality care with personal attention . Preventative care as well as medical appointments.  We perform routine and many other soft tissue surgeries We see all types of medical and surgical cases that the majority of our clients are willing to work up fully.  The student will be fully engaged with cases, patient care, hands on treatment under the supervision of one of our DVMs.  We have an experienced staff of registered technicians who also will help the student through day to day activities.